server { location ~ /ads.txt { return 301; } } 100 Durood Shareef Book In Urdu PDF Free Download Online
100 Durood Shareef Book In Urdu PDF Free Download Online

100 Durood Shareef Book In Urdu PDF Free Download Online

100 Durood Shareef Books In Urdu

100 Durood Shareef book in urdu pdf free download or read online from this blog. 100 Darood o Salam read Darood e Ibrahimi sharif collection book. Sending blessings and peace upon the Holy Prophet (sws) is one of the most popular practices. This is a divine tradition. In this respect, while it is a proof of the uniqueness of the glory of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), the virtue of this special deed is also highlighted in Hussain Pirae that it is a sacred deed which is eternal It is safe from the effects of change because it is neither annihilation for the sake of God nor the end of blessings and peace upon the Holy Prophet (sws). 

Allah Almighty not only sends blessings and peace upon His Beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) but He also obliges the angels and the believers to send blessings and peace upon my beloved. Durood-o-Salam is a beloved and acceptable act that forgives sins, heals and purifies the heart and soul. Musharraf responds with a heartfelt greeting. Moreover, Salat and Salam are not objectionable in any form or at any stage, but it is an act that is certainly acceptable in the sight of Allah Almighty. Not only is his sin forgiven, but his blessings are also accepted.

Blessings and peace be upon him. It is such an eternal wealth that whoever finds it, his religion and world will be enlightened. Blessings and peace are the praise of the Beloved of God, peace be upon him, the treasure of God's mercy, the expiation of sins, the ladder of exaltation, the mirror of nearness to God, the ship of goodness and blessings. The adornment of the congregation, the cure for poverty, the act of taking to heaven, the purification of the heart, the antidote to evil, the joy of the soul, the cure of spiritual troubles, the solution of poverty, the means of salvation from hell and the key to intercession.

While reciting Durood and Salam, the expression of reverence and humility is a sign of love, because every lover mentions his beloved with great politeness, respect and humility. The Companions used to mention the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) with great humility. It is important to keep in mind the outward and inward literature and respect while attending the court of the Holy Prophet (sws) as it is both a requirement of love and devotion and also a sign of faith. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the following etiquettes while offering blessings and peace in the presence of the Holy Prophet (sws).

١٠٠ درود سلام       

Durood Shareef Books In Urdu PDF

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