Junooniyat Novel PDF Download Free By Gohr E Nayab Full

Junooniyat Novel PDF Download Free By Gohr E Nayab Full

 Junooniyat Novel PDF Download Free

Junooniyat Novel PDF download by Gohr E Nayab complete Full free read online. This is a romantic local urdu story. Adherence to values and traditions sometimes leads to such decisions that when the reward of action comes knocking at the door, it hurts so deeply that even the pages of the past begin to bleed. The romance novel is a type of fiction novel in which the focus is primarily on relationships and romantic love, usually between two people who belong to the opposite sex. The ending of the novels is usually "emotionally satisfying and hopeful. 

As English literature is recognized as the source of romance novels worldwide, its genres include fantasy, gothic fiction, contemporary fiction, historical romance, extraterrestrial fiction, and science fiction.  Although the real readers of romance novels are considered to be women, men also read these novels with interest. Romance Reuters of America cites that 16% of men also read romance novels. Many romance novels have taken the form of dramas and movies. 

In addition, literature students review romance novels as a prominent and universal branch of romance literature. Like every language in the world, romantic novels have been written and read a lot in Urdu. One of the most famous romantic novelists here is Qazi Abdul Ghaffar, about whom Professor Muhammad Hassan gave this opinion, For Abdul Ghaffar, all the capital of romantic writing is found in his entire youth. They are full of emotion and have beautiful and intense impressions. There is boredom and rebellion from life. There is romantic ecstasy and color.

The word romantic in English was first used by H. Moore in the seventeenth century and was used for romances, that is, for stories that are unreal and merely a product of imagination. Professor Muhammad Hassan believes that the word was first used in literature in 1781 by Wharton and Herd, then by Goethe and Schiller in the early nineteenth century. Gradually, in Western literature, romance took the form of a literary movement, and along with literature, it influenced all fields of fine arts. 

A study of the history of literature makes it clear that the political and social changes of this era play an important role in the emergence of any movement or trend, and it is also a fact that the signs of a trend begin to appear before the movement.  ۔ The Romantic movement originates primarily in France, with the French writer Jen Jaques Rousseau (1712-1888) probably the first man to explain his views on the subject, saying, "Man is born free but where Look, there is a chain in the foot. ”1 Rousseau's statement has been described by Prof. Muhammad Hassan as informing about romance and according to Yusuf Hussain Khan, "Rousseau sowed romantic ideas". 

Rousseau's statement reflects his revolutionary thinking. Rousseau wanted to convey the message of individual freedom in this era by saying that various rules and regulations have been imposed under the influence of classicism. This has put a stop to human free thinking. Despite being born free, man is trapped in social barriers, with a ban on the mind and brain, and a ban on life and literature. The romance was a reaction against the strict principles of classicism. Russo was the inventor of romance in French literature. 

In the history of French literature, Rousseau laid the foundation for romance. It had all those elements. Which were later considered to be characteristic of romance, namely individualism, freedom, love of nature and man, and the appreciation of passion. ”3 The French Revolution is of paramount importance in the history of Europe. It revolutionized society and changed the rules and regulations of classicism. This revolution gave birth to a new society. The hero of classicism was Walter. Rousseau insisted, but his views were inhumane. Muhammad Hadi Hussain believes that it is wrong to compare romance and classicism. He wrote that there is no contradiction between classicism and romance.

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